TAF report is a Terminal Aerodrome Forecast. A TAF is a forecast that consists of a concise statement of the expected meteorological conditions at an aerodrome for a specific time period. It contains information on the expected surface wind speed adn direction, visibility, weather and clouds amount/base as well as on expected significant changes of one or more weather element and conditions.

Long TAFs are issued every 6 hours for two airports - Skopje and Ohrid (TAF FT) with a validity of 24 hours.

An example of long TAF for Skopje airport, issued on 20.12.2010 at 11.30 UTC:

TAF LWSK 201130Z 2012/2112 VRB02KT 1200 BR SCT020 BKN080
      TEMPO 2012/2018 3000 PROB40
      TEMPO 2102/2106 0600 FZFG OVC003
      BECMG 2108/2110 1500 BR SCT020 BKN040=

There is also a TREND forecast regularly issued for Skopje airport which is an add-on at the end of every METAR report. It could be coded as NOSIG (NO SIGnificante changes) or in a form to describe the significant weather changes expected during the next 2 hours following the time of issuance.