Radar (an acronym of Radar Detection and Ranging) is a radio detection device used to determine the aircraft position and to provide a reliable surveillance image of the situation in the airspace and on the ground, ensuring a safe separation of controlled traffic and improving the ATC capacity in the controlled area.
As far as civil and military air traffic control is concerned, M-NAV, PCL uses its own radar systems. These radar systems with the radar systems of the neighboring States are integrated in multiradar tracking systems in order to provide multiple coverage, high reliability and quality of target detection.
M-NAV, PCL owns three operational radar systems. The range of Secondary Surveillance Radar System is 200 NM and they are used to provide control within en-route and terminal control area. The range of Primary Surveillance Radar system is 60 NM and it is used to provide control within terminal control area.
Operational systems are:
  • Thomson MSSR Secondary Surveillance Radar System,
  • Alenia Radar System, Primary Surveillance Radar system (Alenia ATCR-335 DPC 19 KW) and Secondary Surveillance Radar System (Alenia SIR-M),
  • Indra (Indra MSSR) Secondary Surveillance Radar System.