M-NAV has a safety management system in place that meets national and international parameters. It is organised independently of operational management and works on a proactive basis. Safety management supports and monitors the operational safety objectives of M-NAV by ensuring that the safety requirements are met in all areas of the company and improvements are implemented where necessary. The safety management system mainly comprises the following functions for ensuring and increasing safety:

  • Representing M-NAV interests in the development of national and international norms and standards for safety management;

  • Implementing external norms and standards for safety management in M-NAV internal regulations, including developing M-NAV - wide uniform means, methods and procedures;

  • Monitoring and checking adherence to and application of M-NAV - internal rules, means, methods and procedures of safety management, including the initiation and management of any improvements required;

  • Monitoring and checking operational safety, including the initiation and development of any improvements required.