The Integrated Aeronautical Information Package provided by the AIS Macedonia will contain the aeronautical information necessary for safe flight within the Skopje FIR, and will be provided in accordance with the provisions of Annex 15 to the Convention as:

AIP, Including amendmentservice;

The AIP is the basic aviation document intended primarily to satisfy international requirements for the exchange of permanent aeronautical information and long duration temporary changes essential for air navigation. AIP MACEDONIA is published in one volume. The AIP is published in a loose-leaf form with bilingual text (English and Macedonian) for use in international and domestic operations, whether the flight is a commercial or a private one.
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Amendments to the AIP are made by means of replacement sheets. Two types of AIP AMDT are produced:

  • regular AIP Amendment (AIP AMDT), issued in accordance with the established regular interval (ref. GEN...) and identified by a light blue cover sheet, incorporates permanent changes into the AIP on the indicated publication date; and
  • AIRAC AIP Amendment (AIRAC AIP AMDT), issued in accordance with the AIRAC system and identified by a pink cover and the acronym - AIRAC, incorporates operationally significant permanent changes into the AIP on the indicated AIRAC effective date

Each AIP page and each AIP replacement page introduced by an amendment, including the amendment cover sheet, are dated. The date consists of the day, month (by name) and year of the publication date (regular AIP AMDT) or of the AIRAC effective date (AIRAC AIP AMDT) of the information. Each AIP amendment cover sheet includes references to the serial number of those elements, if any, of the Integrated Aeronautical Information Package which have been incorporated in the AIP by the amendment and are consequently cancelled. Each AIP AMDT and each AIRAC AIP AMDT are allocated separate numbers which are consecutive and based on the calendar year. The year, indicated by two digits, is a part of the number of the amendment, e.g. AIP AMDT 1/96; AIRAC AIP AMDT 1/96. A checklist of AIP pages containing page number/chart title and the publication or effective date (day, month by name and year) of the information is reissued whenever is neccessary and is an integral part of the AIP. A brief description of the subjects affected by the amendment is given on the AIP Amendment cover sheet. New information included on the reprinted AIP pages is annotated or identified by a vertical line in the left margin (or immediately to the left) of the change/addition.

Supplements to the AIP

Temporary changes of long duration (three months and longer) and information of short duration which consists of extensive text and/or graphics, supplementing the permanent information contained in the AIP, are published as AIP Supplements (AIP SUP). Operationally significant temporary changes to the AIP are published in accordance with the AIRAC system and its established effective dates and are identified clearly by the acronym AIRAC AIP SUP.

AIP Supplements are separated by information subject (General-GEN, En-route-ENR and Aerodromes-AD)and are placed accordingly at the beginning of AIP.

Supplements are published on yellow paper to be conspicuous and to stand out from the rest of the AIP Each AIP Supplement (regular or AIRAC) is allocated a serial number which is consecutive and based on the calendar year, i.e. AIP SUP 1/96; AIRAC AIP SUP 1/96. An AIP Supplement is kept in the AIP as long as all or some of its contents remain valid. The period of validity of the information contained in the AIP Supplement will normally be given in the supplement itself. Alternatively, NOTAM may be used to indicate changes to the period of validity or cancellation of the supplement.

The checklist of AIP Supplements currently in force is reissued whenever is neccessary and is an integral part of the AIP.The last distributed AIP SUP are mentioned in the monthly printed plain-language summary of NOTAM in force.

NOTAM and Pre-flight information bulletins (PIB)

Aeronautical Information Circular(AIC)

The Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC) contain information on the long-term forecast of any major change in legislation, regulations,procedures or facilities; information of a purely explanatory or advisory nature liable to. affect flight safety; and information or notification of an explanatory or advisory nature concerning technical, legislative or purely administrative matters. AICs are divided by distribution are issued in three series (A, B and D). AIC Series A contains information affecting international civil aviation and is given international distribution, while AIC Series B and D contains information affecting national aviation only and is given national distribution.

Each AIC is numbered consecutively within each series on a calendar year basis. The year, indicated by two digits, is a part of the serial number of the AIC, e.g. AIC A 1/96; AIC B 1/96. A checklist of AIC currently in force is issued as an AIC once a year.

Checklist and summaries

A checklist of valid NOTAM is issued monthly via AFS. The checklist is followed by a printed summary of NOTAM distributed by mail to all recipients of the Integrated Aeronautical Information Package. It contains a plain language (in English) presentation of the valid NOTAM and information about the number of the latest issued AIP AMDT, AIRAC AIP AMDT, AIP SUP and AIC as well as the numbers of the elements issued under the AIRAC that will become effective or, if none, the NIL AIRAC notification.