The "M-NAV" aeronautical MET service consists of one aeronautical MET forecast unit located at Skopje airport acting as aerodrome MET office as well as meteorological watch office and two aeronautical MET observations units located at Skopje and Ohrid airports.

The main products and services provided by the aeronautical MET forecast unit are:

- Maintaining of continuous survey and forecasts of local meteorological conditions at Skopje and Ohrid airports

- Maintaining watch over meteorological conditions affecting flight operations within the area of responsibility (Skopje FIR)

- To provide briefing, consulatation and flight documentation to flight crew members and/or other flight operations personnel

- Aerodrome forecasts (TAF) and landing forecasts (TREND)

- Take-off forecasts

- SIGMET warnings and GAFOR forecasts

- Aerodrome and wind shear warnings

The main products and services provided by the aeronautical MET observations units are:

- Routine observations and MET elements measurements

- Special observations and reports

- Preparation and dissemination of routine aerodrome MET reports (METAR)

- Local MET reports and Special MET reports

- Synoptic observations and reports (SYNOP)

- Climatological observations.