MNAV's primary task is to contribute to the efficiency of the national transport system guaranteeing the safety and regularity of circulation within the Macedonian air space to all categories of users, respecting the international obligations of the country.

Such an objective must be reached by obtaining the company's economic efficiency and by satisfying the request expressed by the users in terms of effectiveness and quality of service.

The company provides directly to the delivery of the management and air traffic control services assuring the maximum technical and system standards in flight safety.


In order to continue guaranteeing flight security for millions of people and a key role in European air transport to Macedonia, MNAV has to pay constant attention to its medium and long term strategy choices.

These choices must take the context in which MNAV operates into consideration, which is comprised of and controlled by bodies and institutions relevant to the sector (ICAO, Eurocontrol) and regulated by European laws that have designed a strategy for the international ATM system.  These organisations determine regulations and establish requisites along with clear quality and security standards for air transporters. They are also committed to incrementing interoperability between providers in every country.

MNAV faces all these challenges by defining development projects that set out important and complex investment plans, designed to reach as many technical-functional objectives as financial.
Some of these principles are:

  • to increase production capacity and business continuity to meet demand, to improve security and air traffic punctuality;
  • to implement an economic-financial plan capable of continuing improvements in Company performance, both in terms of company cost cutting and maintaining applied prices;
  • to assert ourselves as the Macedonian provider in the wider European ATM panorama for international research and air traffic management development, planned for the future