One of the main tasks of the "M-NAV" aeronautical MET service is to offer operational MET information and other MET services for air navigation.

Aeronautical MET information

Our core mission is to supply aeronautical MET information to our customers. We make accurate meteorological observations and measurements and draw up weather forecasts and warnings for airports. We act as a meteorological surveillance centre for Skopje FIR. Our meteorological service also puts foreign meteorological information at the disposal of airspace users.

- Observations

The current weather is observed permanently at observation stations at two international airports - Skopje and Ohrid. On the basis of these data, we draw up the observation messages (METAR messages), coded according to international agreements, which are issued on an international scale at regular bases.
There is lightning detection station  and together with the weather satellite images help us to quickly detect some of the weather phenomena that are dangerous to air navigation.

- Weather forecasts and warnings

In order to prepare weather forecasts for air navigation, it is required to create a whole series of messages and bulletins that comply with international agreements and the standards and recommendations from ICAO Annex 3 and other relevant ICAO and WMO documents.
The weather forecasts are not only converted into text messages, but are also represented graphically through charts and meteograms, if needed.
Warnings for hazardous weather phenomena allow all the parties in the air navigation sector to take action in order to optimally guarantee safety of their operations.


Our climatological database system (CLDB from Microstep-MIS) collects meteorological data at the airports of Skopje and Ohrid. These data are checked and archived for future use and conversion into climatological summaries that are tailored to meet the needs of interested parties such as the government, air traffic controllers, aerodrome users etc.


We provide training courses to the staff members of the in-house meteorological department as well as to other "M-NAV" personnel (air traffic controllers, technical staff etc). We offer training courses in aviation meteorology tailored to meet the needs of third parties and aeronautical personnel outside "M-NAV" (aerodrome operators, military pilots, sport pilots etc). For more information about Meteo training and our training facilities, please contact "M-NAV" or aeronautical MET department directly.