Yesterday, (February 21, 2018), in Brussels, the President of Management Board of “M-NAV” and Executive Director of ANS, Mr. Nikolche Taseski together with the Member of the Management Board of “M-NAV” and Executive Director of CNS, Mr. Kliment Chepunjoski realised working meeting with the Eurocontrol Director General, Mr. Eamonn Brennan, also the Head of the Office of the DG of Eurocontrol, Mr. Donal Handley attended the working meeting.

During the meeting, the opportunity of signing a new Service Level Agreement between M-NAV and Eurocontrol was discussed, this will of great benefit for M-NAV taking into consideration that it aims at obtaining Expert assistance from Eurocontrol in regard to preparing procedures for CPDLC/Data Link, also this will enable transfer from Hourly Entry Count to Occupancy Count and Surveillance modernization and rationalization with using ADS-B and Wide Area Multilateration.

The support to harmonisation of regional FRA, including the Airspace over Kosovo was also discussed during the meeting.DG of Eurocontrol, Mr. Eamonn Brennan also supported the commencement of all activities regarding the new agreement, in view of the new agreement a representative from Eurocontrol will arrive in Macedonia and in a period of one month at the latest the agreement will be finalised at a re-meeting between the Managers of M-NAV and the DG of Eurocontrol.

During the stay in Brussels, at the margins of CANSO-Civil Air Navigation Services, the Managers of M-NAV met with the Chief Executive Officer of CANSO, Mr. Simon Hocquard , at the meeting the manager for European ATM Coordination and Safety, Mr. Eduardo Garcia Gonzales was also present. During this meeting, the benefits of possible membership of M-NAV in the above-mentioned organization were discussed. Also, it was concluded the possibility of accessing to be considered, this will ensure enhancement of the political position of M-NAV to the global and regional level and harmonization of the further activities.