Being socially responsible and accountable at work, wishing and believing that sport and recreation are important part for the Employees, this year the Employees from “M-NAV” i.e. 4 ski teams (in total 12 contestants) participated in the 16th amateur Humanitarian Giant Slalom held on the ski slopes of Mavrovo in the period from February, 16, 2018 to February, 18, 2018.


The financial assets collected from the participation fees (EUR10000) from 50 teams of Republic of Macedonia were intended for the Association for Human-social Development “Proekt Srekja”, an organization that represents the rights and the interests of the children from socially most vulnerable families.


According to the statement given by the Representative of the Association, Mrs. Kristina Arnaudova (a famous Macedonian singer), the collected funds will be used for organising a summer camp for 120 children from the poorest families in the country.

We are happy for them!


This year, the contestants from M-NAV  participated in all categories, the category of men and of women, youth and seniors and they achieved great results in the races, but the following final races should be emphasised: Sasho Bojchin (4th place in Seniors) and Filip Milkov (7th place in Youth).