M-NAV Pcl applies all SES requirements in the field of SMS to a very large extent, taking Regulation (EC) No. 2096/2005 and ESARRs as the main references, and complying simultaneously with all applicable national legislation. M-NAV Pcl has been certified in March 2010 by CAA of Republic of Macedonia.

M-NAV Pcl takes an active part in a number of international initiatives and processes, having its representative in the Eurocontrol Safety Team (composed of the safety managers of European ANSPs), as well as representatives in certain safety related working groups. Eurocontrol’s European Safety Programme is one of the main drives of M-NAV's SMS activities.

Eurocontrol’s SASI Project encompasses ANSPs from more than 20 countries and supports them in SMS implementation.M-NAV Pcl is highly involved in SASI activities, with a large number of its experts participating in working sessions or training, and hosting one or two SASI events a year.The results of safety maturity studies conducted by Eurocontrol over the last few years show that M-NAV Pcl has been continuously and rapidly improving its SMS, striving to make it as mature as possible and thus to achieve the highest safety level in the provision of air navigation services.