"M-NAV" has received a loan from European Bank for Reconstruction an Development (EBRD) towards the cost of its ANS System Upgrading Project. The following project components will be financed by the proceeds of the Loan:  

  • Procurement, installation and commissioning of new ATM system, including the technical-operating room for the same 
  • Procurement, installation and commissioning of Voice Logging System
  • Procurement, installation and commissioning of VHF Radio
  • Procurement, installation and commissioning of Voice Communication System
  • Procurement, installation and testing of new Mode – S Secondary Surveillance Radar
  • Upgrade of the existing MSSR Radar installed in Ohrid in enhanced Mode-S Radar
  • Procurement, installation and commissioning of AWOS/ATIS/VOLMET systems for Skopje Airport and Ohrid Airport.


MNAV, GOJSC (Government Owned Join Stock Company) is the company which provides the Air Navigation Services in the Macedonian Skies and on the national airports, with a consistently improved level of security, efficiency and regularity...

Valid Notams for FIR Skopje 
(not for operational use)


The AIP is the basic aviation document intended primarily to satisfy international requirements for the exchange of permanent aeronautical information and long duration temporary changes essential for air navigation. AIP MACEDONIA is published in one volume. The AIP is published in a loose-leaf form with bilingual text (English and Macedonian) for use in international and domestic operations, whether the flight is a commercial or a private one...

Preflight Briefing

Our web preflight briefing is easy way for Aircraft Operators, Pilots and Organizations to get pre-flight information through the e-mail. Following the link you can send your Bulletin request.
For submitting flight plan please use this e-mail:


MNAV assures a continuous 24-hour monitoring of the weather conditions in Macedonian airports.
Meteorological observations bulletins are issued every hour and half-hour, while a team of meteorologists prepares weather forecasts with a validity of 18 hours for Skopje airport...

Safety & Quality

In provision of air navigation services, the term SAFETY relates to the safety of air traffic, and implies the state of an extremely low level of risk of accident contributed by ATM...