For the first time after the Republic of Macedonia obtained status as observer to DANUBE FAB on April in the year of 2016, a Delegation from Macedonian Air Navigation Services Provider, М-NAV GOJSC consisted of the following members, Ms. Irena Kalichanin – Head of ATCO Training Center and Mrs. Dejan Zarapchiev – Charging Advisor and led by Mr. Nikolce Taseski  - the President of the Management Board of “M-NAV” and ANS Executive Director along with Mrs. Svetlana Gligorovska - Representative from the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Republic of Macedonia attended InterFAB Performance Workshop hosted by Danube FAB, it was held in Sofia on January 31, 2018 and February 01, 2018.

The ATM network performance and the evolution of the performance and charging scheme in RP3 were core issues that were discissed.

The event is a platform for sharing best practices and discussing issues that are of interest for FABs regarding the upcoming changes to the Performance and Charging Regulations for RP 3.  During the workshop, the subject of volatility in Air Traffic and its impact on ATM Performance was recognized as important one.

Representatives of FABCE, FABEC, Baltic FAB and BLUE MED FAB were present at the workshop.