M-NAV, PCL provides all types of communication ensuring safe air navigation services within the airspace of Republic of Macedonia and at the two international airports, in accordance with ICAO SARPS and European Commission Directives which are binding for this area.
Air-Ground communication systems
Air-Ground communication systems are radio communication systems providing communication between aircrafts and air traffic control unit within the area of responsibility. Communication systems operate in the VHF band dedicated for this type of communication according to the international coordination for allocation of frequency. of bands.
Users of this service are aircrafts overflying the territory, aircrafts using the two international airports, sport aircrafts, general aviation as well as military aircrafts.
The equipment used has been installed on the location of Solunska Glava, having an aim to provide good radio coverage throughout Republic of Macedonia. For the purpose of redundancy and for Aerodrome Control Tower, a radio equipment has been installed at the Airport “Alexander the Great”, whereas appropriate equipment for Aerodrome Control Tower has been installed at Ohrid “St. Paul the Apostle” Airport.
Ground-ground communication systems
Air Traffic Control Unit in Skopje exchanges various aeronautical data with the neighboring centres.
 Aeronautical data exchanged with Belgrade:
  • Voice channels 2xMFC R2
  • Radar data from the Skopje Radar is sent to Belgrade.
  • OLDI
  Aeronautical data exchanged with Sofia:
  • Voice channels 1xMFC R2
  • 1xLB (spare)
  • AFTN
  • OLDI
  • Radar data from the Skopje Radar for Sofia and radar image from the Vitosa Radar for Skopje.
  Aeronautical data exchanged with Athens:
  • Voice channels 2xMFC R2
  • OLDI
  • AFTN
   Aeronautical data exchanged with Thessaloniki:
  • Voice channel 1xLB
  • Radar data from the Thessaloniki Radar towards Skopje.
  Aeronautical data exchanged with Tirana:
  • OLDI
  • Radar data from the Skopje Radar towards Tirana.
 Voice Communication Switch System(VCS System) is a system consisting of Controller Working Positions with touch screen pad, communication plugs (microphone, speaker headset) and peripheral communication systems (VHF radio, leased lines with the neighboring centres), enabling safe air-ground communication and ground-ground communication of air traffic controllers with the aircrafts and the neighboring centres, too.
VHF Direction Finder
VHF Direction Finders in approach have been installed at the two International airports.
Recording systems
 Air Traffic Control unit in Skopje has in possession digital recorder of voice channels with a recording capacity of maximum of 120 channels. The records are kept on two independent systems within period of minimum of 30 days, in accordance with ICAO recommendations.
Air Traffic Control unit in Ohrid has also digital recorder.
Meteorological systems
 Accurate meteorological data are being provided by a system of electronic sensors for measuring meteorological measurements and occurrences, such as: temperature, wind speed and direction, visibility, cloud height base, atmospheric discharges etc. The sensors are located in vicinity of runway threshold in Skopje and Ohrid.