During the two day Workshop on Aeronautical Surveillance Technologies that was held in “Eurocontrol”, Brussels in the period from December, 06 to December 07, CNS Executive Director and member of Management Board of “M-NAV”, Mr. Kliment Chepunjoski discussed with Director General of Eurocontrol, Mr. Frank Brenner.

Taking into consideration the need of continuous improvement of the competence of CNS personnel, Mr. Chepunjoski emphasised the importance of trainings, particularly of continuous trainings.

“I explained to Mr. Brenner the need of intensive trainings that might be held either in Luxembourg or in Macedonia. We exchanged opinions regarding the connection between the Slovenia Control and the Regional Center in Maastricht, as well as the possibilities for such integration of the Macedonia Air Navigation”, the Director Chepunjoski said

At the meeting, the possibilities offered by Pan-European Network Services were considered, as well as the benefits of using the services. The two day workshop held in Eurocontrol covered issues about monitoring, detecting and communication of the aircraft with aeronautical-technical aids and systems, as well as it covered  issues about introducing new technology.