Working meeting between M-NAV and BULATSA

M-NAV delegation led by Mr.Nikolche Taseski, Executive Director of ANS and President of the Board, and Delegation from BULATSA, led by Mr. Georgi Peev, Director General had a working meeting in Sofia.They discussed the current projects and plans for development and modernisation of the ANS systems in both countries. BULATSA representatives shared their experience in the organisational and technological development of the company and in the participation in international projects within SESAR.
The Macedonian delegation showed interest in the work of the Functional airspace block DANUBE FAB. The processes of DANUBE FAB creating, the operation, the aims, the structure and the governing bodies were discussed, as well as the possibilities for the enlargement of the functional block to neighbouring countries.
The two parties agreed on next actions and to continue the collaborative work in safety management, cybersecurity, ANS efficiency and other areas.