Strategic Objective of AIM is to achieve a uniform and efficient aeronautical information management structure, based on system wide information management, to support all phases of flight.

Within ATM/CNS, the concept of AIM broadens the current scope of Aeronautical Information (AI). It ensures AI quality, integrity and timeliness through the use of fully digital inter operable systems and enables dynamic context based retrieval and delivery of AI.

The principal task of the AIS Macedonia is to receive or originate, collate, edit, publish and distribute the aeronautical information or data concerning the territory of Macedonia. The aeronautical information is published as an Integrated Aeronautical Information Package. Our AIS experts are involved in various task forces and groups in EUROCONTROL which deal with many different aspects of the shaping and definition of the role of the AIS - present and future - in the aeronautical community.

Our Mission is to provide services to the aeronautical community by ensuring the uninterrupted flow, processing and distribution of aeronautical information essential for the safety, regularity and efficiency of the international air navigation. Our objective is also to maintain the uniformity, consistency and integrity in the provision of the aeronautical information data required for operational use by on-board computer-based navigational systems.