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If your browser does not have JavaScript support activated, or your browser does not support frames, or you are using a pocket PC to view the site, you will also find AIP content in its simplest form here. In the stripped-down version, all files open in a new browser, so the easiest way to get back to the link page is by closing the new browser.

To open PDF files you will need at least Adobe Reader 6.0. For the latest version of this program, see
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We recommend you use Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or MS IE 6.0 as your browser. If you use IE do not use it's "Back" button. Instead, use the environment's own navigation system.

You can jump straight to AIP from the opening page or via the upper AIP link. The menu on the left is in the form or a resource tree. To open or close a tree, click on its plus or minus sign. Click the menu links to open the actual AIP pages in PDF form.

You may encounter problems opening pages if you use the Back button in IE after viewing flight charts or AIP text pages. To avoid this problem, use the environment's own navigation system, or the Mozilla Firefox browser.

AIP headings are long, so most of them will be partially hidden. To enlarge the menu box, move the cursor to the right of the box and drag it when the cursor changes to a black two-way arrow. Use a similar procedure to reduce a menu box. To open a page for a specific airport, click its name in the resource tree or see its location on the map on the home page and click it there. Each airport page includes links to the airport's text pages and aviation charts.

To view amendments, click on the AMDT link in the upper menu. Amendments are listed on the left side of the page. Click a link in the contents area and a list of amendment contents will open. You can reach the cover, text pages and aviation charts from links in the contents section.

PLEASE NOTE! The AIP link in the top menu will take you to current AIP pages. However, the AMDT pages include amendments which are no longer applicable, as well as those currently in force. Make sure you use only the information that is applicable at the precise time you use it.

OTHER PUBLICATIONS and external links
The OTHER PUBLICATIONS link will take you links to other publications by the Aeronautical Information Services.

If you wish to print only a PDF file, use the PDF's own print function which appears at the top of the PDF file.

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