The AIP Macedonia is published by CAA Macedonia and prepared by M-NAV.

Publication and Maintenance

AIP Macedonia is a publication for operational use and it is maintained by means of Integrated Aeronautical Information Package.

AIP Macedonia is published in electronic form in English. You can order the printed AIP and the CD-ROM from sales of AIS publications.

Sources of Information

In addition to information concerning the functions under M-NAV, AIP Macedonia contains also information received from various external sources, such as other authorities, agencies, private companies etc.. As it is not possible for the AIS in such cases to verify the raw information in detail, the responsibility for the accuracy of such information lies with the provider.

Service to contact in case of errors or omissions

In the compilation of AIP, care has been taken to ensure that the information contained therein is accurate and complete. Any errors and omissions, which may nevertheless be detected, should be referred to:

Aeronautical Information Services
"Bosfor" Nr. 7, Mralino
1041 Ilinden

+389 23 148 242
+389 23 148 163
+389 23 148 164
+389 23 148 165
+389 23 148 158

Fax: +389 23 112 02666

Other feed back and questions

If you have any questions or opinions about the contents or usability of this service, you are kindly asked to contact the Aeronautical Information Service, e-mail


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