AIP 01 FEV 2018


GEN 0 General rules and procedures
GEN 0.1 General rules
GEN 0.2 Record of AIP amendments
GEN 0.3 Record of AIP supplements
GEN 0.4 Checklist of AIP pages
GEN 0.5 List of hand amendments to the AIP
GEN 0.6 Table of contents

GEN 1 National regulations and requirements
GEN 1.1 Designated authorities
GEN 1.2 Entry, transit and departure of aircraft
GEN 1.3 ntry, transit and departure of passengers and crew
GEN 1.4 Entry, transit and departure of cargo
GEN 1.5 Aircraft instruments, equipment and flight documents
GEN 1.6 Summary of national regulations and international agreements/conventions
GEN 1.7 Differences from ICAO standards, recommended practices and procedures
GEN 2 Tables and codes
GEN 2.1 Measuring system, aircraft markings, holidays
GEN 2.2 Abbreviations
GEN 2.3 Chart symbols
GEN 2.4 Location indicators
GEN 2.5 List of radio navigation aids
GEN 2.6 Conversion tables
GEN 2.7 Sunrise/sunset tables

GEN 3 Services
GEN 3.1 Aeronautical information services (AIS)
GEN 3.2 Aeronautical charts
GEN 3.3 Air traffic services
GEN 3.4 Communication services
GEN 3.5 Meteorological services
GEN 3.6 Search and rescue

GEN 4 Charges for aerodromes and air navigation services
GEN 4.1 Airport charges
GEN 4.2 Air navigation services charges


ENR 0.6 Table of contents

ENR 1 General rules and procedures
ENR 1.1 General rules
ENR 1.2 Visual flight rules
ENR 1.3 Instrument flight rules
ENR 1.4 ATS airspace classification
ENR 1.5 Departure, approach and holding procedures
ENR 1.6 Radar service and procedures
ENR 1.7 Altimeter setting procedures
ENR 1.8 Regional supplementary procedures
ENR 1.9 Air traffic flow management (ATFM)
ENR 1.10 Flight planning
ENR 1.11 Addressing of flight plan messages
ENR 1.12 Interception of civil aircraft
ENR 1.13 Unlawful interference
ENR 1.14 Air traffic incidents

ENR 2 Air traffic services airspace
ENR 2.2 Other regulated airspace

ENR 3 ATS routes
ENR 3.1 Lower ATS routes
ENR 3.2 Upper ATS routes
ENR 3.3 Area navigation (RNAV) routes
ENR 3.4 Helicopter routes
ENR 3.5 Other routes
ENR 3.6 En-route holding

ENR 4 Radio navigation aids/systems
ENR 4.1 Radio navigation aids - en-route
ENR 4.2 Special navigation systems
ENR 4.3 Name-code designators for reporting points
ENR 4.4 Aeronautical ground lights - en-route
ENR 5 Navigation warnings
ENR 5.1 Prohibited, restricted and danger areas
ENR 5.2 Military exercise and training areas and air defence identification zone (ADIZ)
ENR 5.3 Other activities of a dangerous nature
ENR 5.4 Air navigation obstacles - area 1
ENR 5.5 Aerial sporting and recreational activities
ENR 5.6 Bird migration and areas with sensitive fauna

ENR 6 Enroute and index charts


AD 0.6 Table of contents

AD 1 Aerodromes / heliports - introduction
AD 1.1 Aerodrome/heliport availability
AD 1.2 Rescue and fire fighting services and snow plan
AD 1.3 Index to aerodromes and heliports
AD 1.4 Grouping of aerodromes and heliports

AD 2 Aerodromes
LWOH - Ohrid

LWSK - Skopje